First of all, I am so grateful that I found this group. I don't know why it took me so long to find!! I read through a lot of the posts last night to try to get as much information as I could but still have questions about my case

My dog Jet is going to be 10 next month and was (unfortunately) diagnosed with Cushings in 2019 after eating things around the house and had to have stomach surgery! He is a 75-80 pound silver lab.

It's been a long road of testing (as you all know) and I am struggling with if I am making the right decisions for my dog.

The shorter version is, I see my regular vet and also a specialist at the emergency vet when I can. His next ACTH is November 25th.
My dog is on a VERY high dose of Vetoryl...in fact...it's the highest dose the emergency vet has ever seen and she has treated so many dogs with this disease. He takes 120 mg with breakfast and 60mg with dinner. We both can't believe it, but it took this many times of trying dosing to get his numbers ok. This is why I am afraid something else is going on with him.

I just told them to send me his last test results again and this is what they said:
Cortisol Serial 2 ACTH
Sample 1 - 4.1 (Range - 1-5 so ok)
Sample 2 - 6.7 (LOW) (Range - 8-17)

Not sure if that helps at all.

I also get nervous about results because he gets SO stressed out at the vet.

Anyway...I guess I just have so many questions and came here for advice. Here's a first few:
- I feed Jet dry kibble (Nature's Balance) and 1/2 can of Science Diet W/D wet food (pate) twice a day. I normally put the pill tablet right in the wet food because he just gobbles it right up. I don't open the pills just stick it right in the food so he eats it all together. No chewing. Is this ok to do? I don't like using the pill pockets because I am trying to keep his weight down!

- He has started to show some signs of possible arthritis. First, he was limping on his front right leg and I thought it was from jumping off the bed but over time I realize, it's actually happening when he first gets up or if he lays on his side for a few hours napping. It seems he gets lame and the leg isn't as strong. He is now on Galliprant for this because Xrays didnt show anything and we thought the Galliprant was ok for his liver. They seem to help.

- That takes me to CBD. I restarted him on CBD - I am giving him NuLEaf Naturals which is highly rated, however both vets cannot give any advice on this CBD. I give him 4-5 drops in the AM and 4-5 in the PM under his gums with my finger. Just started this so not sure of the affect yet. Does anyone else have advice on CBD?

- Along with the front leg, his back legs sometimes tremble/shake. It happens very randomly, usually when he is standing or sometimes pooping. I hope it's also just arthritis forming.

Phew....what a long post. But I figured good to post everything now at once.
Any help is greatly appreciated - it seems like all of the posts I read have dogs on such low doses!!! I am so fortunate to have insurance to help cover the ridiculous cost of this medication and the tests. I am just so afraid that one day it's all going to catch up with him and the meds are going to really make him even worse.