Cushings Disease and Your Dog

a pupA diagnosis of Cushings disease (Hyperadrenocorticism) in your dog can be scary when you don't know what it means for your canine buddy.

We created this site to help you understand what Cushings does and doesn't mean for your dog, what kinds of testing are needed, the treatments that are available, and things to consider while your dog is being diagnosed and treated.

The best way for you to help your dog is to be as informed as you can be about Cushings disease. So we provide links to comprehensive information on the disease and its diagnosis and treatment.

Our site is brand new so things will continue to develop here daily.

But only the website is new.

The people behind it have many many years of experience with Cushings in dogs.


Canine Cushings Forum

Our interactive forum where you can learn about Cushing's disease, post questions, and get support is located at


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In addition to a place for questions and discussion, there is a large Resources section with dozens of articles and links covering the diagnosis and treatment of Cushing's disease.



This Site

K9cushings.com Forum

Resources — comprehensive list of articles about Cushing's disease and its diagnosis and treatment

In Loving Memory — Cushings dogs who have left us


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