Life continues pretty much as usual for me. I lived fairly isolated before COVID but I do miss my infrequent visits with friends and family....and REALLY miss going out to eat! I love to grab a good book and go do that but haven't been in a restaurant since March and don't know when I will again. Probably not until there is a viable vaccine at least. Most of my groceries are either via online order/pickup or delivery but on rare occasions I do go to the store. These times have become my big adventures. LOL But the last month I have been almost incapacitated by diverticulitis - a hell I don't wish on anyone! I dearly love food, as my waistline will attest to, but am learning that food is now my enemy. A liquid diet seems to be where I am going to be staying for a while because every time I try to add something solid the cost is just too high. So it's liquid or full liquid for now. What I wouldn't give for some Sushi!

Since my family is of the faction that believes COVID is a big ole hoax that will disappear on Nov 4, I will be spending the holidays alone this year. It won't be the first time but this year my oldest grandson turned 19 and I know his days at home are numbered so I will miss being together with them more because of that.

The dogs are doing fine and as always help bring meaning to my little world. I don't see may coons these day; my troop has all died I guess. There was one female that came around this spring for a while and I think she was one of the kits from that troop. I had hoped she would bring her kits around and there would be coons around again but it didn't happen. From time to time I see signs at the water bowl some have been there and I hear them in the woods at night often but they don't come out to visit. I miss them terribly. But I still believe Squirt sent Mama that spring because she knew her time was close and that I would need Mama and her buddies for a while.

I pray always that we all remain well and safe in our new normal and that one day things can return to a semblence of what we used to call normal in the near future. Take care of yourselves, please.