About this time in April, ten years ago, a group of Cushparents from around the world were working sooooooo hard behind the scenes to prepare k9cushings.com for its official public “launch.” Years earlier, we had first formed a family on another website. Without explanation, one day the site owner shut down that forum and left us stunned, heartbroken and homeless. Out of the goodness of her heart, Natalie, the owner/administrator of k9diabetes.com, provided us with a temporary home and the opportunity to regroup. After a ton of learning and experimenting, regrouping is exactly what we did! On May 20, 2009, k9cushings.com posted our official “Welcome” and opened our doors to all Cushparents, everywhere.

“Support...Educate...Encourage...Remember” has been our mission from the very beginning. We’ve tried our best to be of service; we hope we’ve been successful. So many parents and so many pups have graced our family throughout these ten years. There has been success and sadness, laughter and tears. But throughout it all, we’ve remained a family. A far-flung family, but universally connected by our love for our dogs and our desire to keep them as healthy and happy as we possibly can, throughout each day of their lives.

Time marches on, and so many of our precious pups are now beside us in spirit only. Understandably, folks have moved on with their lives. New ways to connect with one another alter the need for a message board such as this. But we’re hoping that perhaps, even if just for a day, some of our old staff and old friends will return and post a note. Share a memory, share a smile, shed a tear. Most of all, to honor our Cushpups and their bravery, and to reflect on the journey that we’ve taken together — and the path that still leads onward.

So please, anyone who reads this post, do feel free to add a note. Whether a veteran or a newbie, an old member or a current member, we’d love to hear your voice. Happy Anniversary to us all!!!!