Jake it has been 3 months since you passed and what a sad 3 months they were without you. They say time heals but i am sadder and more lonely than I was in the beginning.

Since you were a puppy and until you passed our lives revolved around you. We wanted you to be happy and healthy. The last 2 years of your life were not healthy for you. They were spent having many vet visits, many tests, 2 or 3 ultra-sounds, an MRI and 2 surgeries. We did all those because we loved you and wanted to fix you. I will always question as to whether we waited too long to release you (We thought you were still happy) or whether we released you too soon (but we saw the light go out in your eyes). I hope you understand why we did what we did and when we did it.

Thank you for teaching us unconditional love, unconditional loyalty and for bringing joy to our lives. You are the best dog ever and the moms miss you and love you so much.

Till we meet again
Mommy B.