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Thread: Checking in for December 2017

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    Default Checking in for December 2017

    "Checking in" is a topic that we start on the first of each month. We suspect that we have a good number of members who read the messages regularly but who don't post very often. Maybe that's because their dogs are doing well, or they don't have a Cushing's dog anymore, or they haven't got any questions to ask, or maybe they don't feel very comfortable about posting answers to other members' questions. It's perfectly understandable and acceptable for folks to only post once in a while, but when we don't hear from people, many of us find ourselves wondering what those folks have been up to recently and how their dogs are doing.

    It's always preferable to post updates about your Cushing's dog in your own thread/topic (especially if you want feedback/replies from other members) but you can also post a quick reply here if you just want to say hi and let everyone know how you are doing in general.

    We'd love to hear from you!

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    Default Re: Checking in for December 2017

    Personally, I find it difficult to give updates on here because sometimes I feel what I want to say deserves its own thread. It always gets merged with my original thread.

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    Default Re: Checking in for December 2017

    I regret that you are feeling frustrated in your efforts to post here. I believe I do understand why you, as well as some other folks, would prefer to start multiple threads containing different questions. However, due to our experience here through the years, we staffers are forced to make judgement calls as to whether or not a new thread best serves the needs of the situation. And generally, it makes it far easier for our members to comment knowledgeably when all posts regarding a dog are consolidated within a single thread. This way, the entire history of events, issues, and changes is available for review and consideration. There are always exceptions, however, so if you feel as though you have a legitimate need or reason to begin a new thread, you can always contact a staffer and make that request.

    As far as this “Checking In” thread, it’s really envisioned to be a vehicle for folks to just stop by and say hi when they haven’t been around for a while. So if and when people have a genuine question to ask about their dogs, it is true that we will generally move the reply and attach it the pet parent’s original thread — once again, with the intent of giving our other members the benefit of the full context of the question.

    I hope this helps make more sense re: our posting strategies!

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