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Thread: Checking in for August 2023

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    Default Checking in for August 2023

    "Checking in" is a topic that we start on the first of each month. We suspect that we have a good number of members who read the messages regularly but who don't post very often. Maybe that's because their dogs are doing well, or they don't have a Cushing's dog anymore, or they haven't got any questions to ask, or maybe they don't feel very comfortable about posting answers to other members' questions. It's perfectly understandable and acceptable for folks to only post once in a while, but when we don't hear from people, many of us find ourselves wondering what those folks have been up to recently and how their dogs are doing.

    It's always preferable to post updates about your Cushing's dog in your own thread/topic (especially if you want feedback/replies from other members) but you can also post a quick reply here if you just want to say hi and let everyone know how you are doing in general.

    We'd love to hear from you!

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    Default Re: Checking in for August 2023

    Hi, I'm new to forum. I'm currently navigating treatment for my dog, Peaches. She is set to start Lysodren (Mitotane) this week. We have not had success with trilostane, so it's time to try something else. This website and forum have been extremely helpful to me. Reading about other dogs' experience (and success!) with Lysodren has helped me feel more confident in this next step. And the resources page, particularly about the loading dose period of Lysodren, is so informative. Thank you for creating this supportive space!

    ~Margaret & Peaches

    Edited to add Administrative Note: Margaret and Peaches now have a new thread of their very own. For anyone who wishes to reply directly to them, here's a link to their new thread:

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