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Thread: My boxer, Louie

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    Default My boxer, Louie

    Hello all,
    I found this forum by searching for info on Cushings. Our 8 year old Boxer, Louie, tested positive for Cushings just this morning. He has been showing symptoms for about a week now, excessive thirst, no appetite, urinating frequently and all over lethargic. I donít know a lot about this disease so Iím here for all the info I can get! The vet is keeping Louie today/tonight to give him some fluids and start him on the meds for Cushings. He can barely walk today and is very weak.
    Thank you for adding me!

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    Default Re: My boxer, Louie

    Hi and welcome to you and Louie!

    I am sorry for the circumstances that brought you here but so glad you found us! One thing has me worried is that you mentioned Louie has been showing symptoms for only about a week, generally dog's with Cushing's have had the disease for a while and the symptoms are gradually seen. And usually, Cushdogs have a ravenous appetite and I see in your post that Louie doesn't have an appetite. Did your vet perform any routine bloodwork on Louie, such as a CBC and a Chemistry blood panel? If so, could you post those results with the reference ranges and units of measurements: as an example; ALT 50 IU/L (6 to 70)...thanks! Also, what test did the vet perform that was positive for Cushing's and would you post those results as well. What medication for the Cushing's is the vet placing Louie on and what is his dosage? How much does Louie weigh?

    I apologize for all of those questions but the more we know about sweet Louie the better our answers can be, again, welcome to the forum and we will help in any way we can.

    Hugs, Lori

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    Default Re: My boxer, Louie

    Hi GaryMel,

    Welcome to you and Louie.

    PLEASE do not start treatment just yet. What you describe sound a great deal more like the opposite of Cushing's, Addison's Disease, than it does Cushing's. Did the vet run an ACTH? If so would you please post that result?

    If the vet only ran the LDDS do not start treatment but call and request an ACTH asap.

    The ACTH can be used to diagnose and monitor Cushing's and Addison's BUT the LDDS can only be used in Cushing's and is likely to return a false positive if it is actually Addison's in play VS Cushing's. If you start treatment to lower the cortisol in a dog with Addison's the results will more than likely be fatal. SO please talk to us before you start treatment.

    Not trying to scare you but we want to be sure. Often vets rely only on the LDDS to diagnose Cushing's.

    Just so you know, here are the common signs of Cushing's:

    *increased/excessive water consumption (polydipsia)
    *increased/excessive urination (polyuria)
    *urinary accidents in previously housetrained dogs
    *increased/excessive appetite (polyphagia)
    *sagging, bloated, pot-bellied appearance
    *weight gain or its appearance, due to fat redistribution
    *loss of muscle mass, giving the appearance of weight loss
    *bony, skull-like appearance of head
    *exercise intolerance, lethargy, general or hind-leg weakness
    *excess panting
    *seeking cool surfaces to rest on
    *symmetrically thinning hair or baldness (alopecia) on torso
    *other coat changes like dullness, dryness
    *slow regrowth and/or failure to regrow of hair after clipping/shaving
    *thin, wrinkled, fragile, and/or darkly pigmented skin
    *thin, crepey, easily damaged skin that heals slowly
    *dark, bruised looking skin
    *hard, calcified lumps in the skin (calcinosis cutis)
    *susceptibility to infections (especially skin and urinary)
    *diabetes, pancreatitis, seizures

    Info on Addison's:

    "Clinical signs of Addison's disease are usually vague and non-specific, meaning there are no particular signs that indicate a diagnosis of the disease. Addisonian patients may present with lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, increased thirst, increased urination, and unplanned weight loss. Intermittent shaking episodes are sometimes seen. The signs may wax and wane."

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    Default Re: My boxer, Louie

    Please listen to Lori and Leslie and do not put Louie on any Cushing's medication until you are absolutely sure of his diagnosis, which would consist of the TWO tests mentioned above. My two Cushpups' symptoms came on slowly. Lena must've had it for years before all the signs made sense, and Gable tested negative, with ALL the symptoms before finally testing positive. Waiting to treat if it is indeed Cushing's is fine, but to give meds before a definitive diagnosis would be a mistake.
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