Hi, so glad to find this forum. So Louie is recently diagnosed but the low-dex test came back inconclusive for type (conclusive that he has Cushings; inconclusive if adrenal or pituitary). I don't have any details on his test or bloodwork so please feel free to let me know what info I should be asking for and I'll get it. He has classic symptoms btw - excessive thirst/peeing; hunger, panting, just noisy breathing in general, and starting to get a bit of a pot belly; also hind legs showing some weakness.

He was tested after pre-anesthesia bloodwork for another procedure showed high liver enzymes. The other procedure was to have a skin wart removed that would not stop off and on bleeding for months. Then after the Cushing's diagnosis, he randomly developed a problem in his right eye with blood in the eye. At the same time he had a suspicious lump on top of his head, of course on the right side of his head, but it is unknown if this bump is related to bleeding in the eye. No bumps falls, etc that we know of. The lump was infected and receded with antibiotics. He is seeing a vet opthalmalogist for the eye and it appears now that the retina is detached and he is blind in that eye; he is on steroid eye drops and they seemed to work and the bleeding/redness was gone until it wasn't - it came back while we were out of town (dog sitter) and the vet is keeping him on the eye drops for now. Nobody has expressed any suggestion that this is in any way, shape, or form related to Cushings by the way. So at this point a mystery.

My main question today to start - in order to identify his Cushings type, we can have an expensive ultrasound done. Since 85% of cases seem to be pituitary, is this necessary vs just starting him on the meds? Pros/cons or is this not even a question I should be asking? Thank you!!