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Thread: Calcinosis Cutis and Terminal Cancer

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    Default Calcinosis Cutis and Terminal Cancer

    Hello everyone,
    My ten year old, 70lb pit Bull was diagnosed with steroid induced Cushings last week. He has a very large, aggressive nasal, intraocular tumor with brain invasion and has far surpassed his prognosis. He has been on steroids for much of the last year. Sadly, between myself and my team of vets including his regular vet, oncologist, and holistic vet, we feel taking him off of prednisone is not an option. The steroid keeps inflammation down in his nasal passage and behind his eye. Without it, he would experience significantly more pain/discomfort. His appetite, urination, and energy level are still normal. However in the last couple months, he has started to develop crusty lesions on his skin. I now know these are Calcinosis cutis. In the last two weeks they have gotten significantly worse and now stretch from the back of his head to the base of his tail, with the worst spots being his lower back. He also has lesions on his belly and legs. He has not lost his hair, but his hair is thinning where the scabs and lesions are thickest.
    Since I cannot stop his steroids without fear of a significant decline in his quality of life, my goal is to manage his symptoms to make him as comfortable as posible. I am scared that although heís lived long and happy months since his cancer diagnosis, that this skin disorder will effect his longevity and quality of life.
    Since last week, we have started him on Denamarin to support his liver (his values are off the charts). I have two medicated shampoos. I just ordered some DMSO gel and MiconaHex+Triz spray and a onesie. What else can I be doing?
    Thank you for your help! ♥️

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    Default Re: Calcinosis Cutis and Terminal Cancer

    Hello, and welcome to you and Kodiak! Iím so sorry about his tumor, and I totally understand why youíre having to make calculated decisions as far as the best path forward. It sounds as though you and his entire healthcare team have been keeping him as healthy as possible under very challenging conditions. Good job, Mom!

    Unfortunately, managing the CC can indeed be a bear. Iím going to direct you to a thread on our ďEverything ElseĒ forum that has some related postings:

    If you happen to be a Facebooker, one of the most helpful suggestions on that thread may be the following link to a Facebook group thatís dedicated to canine calcinosis cutis.

    Iím not registered on Facebook myself, so I canít see any of the postings. But my understanding is that itís a supportive and fairly active group. By no means am I wanting to direct you away from us, but youíll likely have access to more current info there. Our membership here has been less active lately, especially in relation to treatment of CC.

    But do take a look at that thread and feel free to return afterwards with any additional thoughts or questions. Weíll do our best to help you sort through things. And once again, welcome!


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