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Thread: 8 y/o Pom with possible Cushing's?

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    Default 8 y/o Pom with possible Cushing's?

    @suzanneg - I know this post is quite old but Iím convinced my 8 y/o Pom has Cushings. His recent strange behaviour started with exactly the same as you described, stopping during walks and looking at his back end. I just wondered if you ever got a diagnosis?

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    Default Re: 8 y/o Pom with possible Cushing's?

    Hello and welcome to our forum! I saw that you had posted this question on the thread of a member who has been inactive now for several years. Unfortunately, I don't think she will ever return to answer you. Therefore, I've coped your question and created a new thread here that is your very own. If you wish to tell us more about your dog's health history and current situation, we'd be happy to try to do some brainstorming alongside you. So please feel free to add any more info about your boy, and we'll go from there.

    And once again, welcome!

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