I have been reading some threads on the site and decided to create a user so that maybe I could pick some of you more experienced folks brain. I'll try to sum this up the best that I can..... My 9 year old boxer Dozer had to have surgery 2/1/22 to remove a blockage from his stomach but prior to that was normal. When he came home from surgery I started noticing him peeing in his sleep and having accidents in the floor which he has never done he has been very good since he was housebroken. I also started noticing he would walk around the yard peeing multiple times like little bits at a time. So I contacted the vet and they thought it was a UTI so put him on antibiotics, but he did not get any better. They then suggested to me that we test for Cushing's disease since he was also drinking a ton of water. They did a blood test which took all day I believe they had to do like 3 different samples, and they called when the results came back saying that he had Cushing's. He at this time weighed about 78 pounds so they put him on Vetoryl dose 70mg per day. He was on this same dose until I would say some time towards the end of May, but I just noticed he was losing muscle mass drastically, and he never really got any better with the drinking and peeing. He now has to wear belly band because he cannot control his urine at all. They tried putting him on Proin for incontinence, but that made him very sick he would not eat or anything. So he was taken off that medication, and I just do the belly bands. In the weeks following that he just seemed to not have much interest in anything, his appetite was not very good, he would still walk around trying to pee multiple times, and sometimes it was like he was confused if he was needing to pee or poop like he would squat to poop, but he would be peeing. I let the vet know all of this and they had me take him down to 60mg per day. He was on that dose for a couple of weeks, but I took him back in because he was looking very thin to me and just not seeming like himself. They had not been able to fill my Vetoryl so he had been without it for about 2-3 days whenever I took him into the vet and they wanted to do some blood work. They said his cortisol levels were out of wack and they felt like he needed to go back to the 70mg even though I explained they had not been able to fill his medicine for a couple days so he had been without it. So I did go ahead and follow their advice and put him back on the 70mg. He is now down to 71lbs, I can see almost his whole skull, his spine, and his hip bones. His muscle loss is just unreal to me... He also does not have a very good appetite, still drinks and pees like crazy(sometimes waking me up 5 times a night), and doesn't seem to have much interest in anything at all. He is scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow, but I just am feeling very discouraged as I have had him on this medicine and have spent a lot of money on it and the testing, and there has been no improvement. Have any of you experienced anything like this? I do understand that he is now 10 so some of this could be aging, but I just find myself being so blown away that I took a normal healthy happy dog in for a surgery in February and here we are now almost to July and he is a totally different dog. It is almost like he is worse since he has been on the medicine, I did read that it does have some side effects. Everybody's reviews that I read about this medicine are so positive though and I have not had that luck at all. I am just hoping somebody has some input or advice, or maybe has had a similar experience.