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Thread: New here - My Dachshund started Vetoryl

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    Default New here - My Dachshund started Vetoryl

    Hi everyone,
    first - Thank you for starting this forum! It's been a great resource!

    Just want to share the journey of our sweet 9 year dachshund Toby who recently got diagnosed with Cushings. He used to drink a lot of water and had to get up multiple times at night to drink. He had also started to develop bad skin rashes around his neck (might be due to wearing a Seresto collar which will never happen again). Our daily walks were slowing down as he had to stop and rest very frequently.

    The vet first did the Low Dose Dex Suppression Test and then an ultrasound to determine it's not an adrenal gland tumor. His weight is 34Lbs and he got started on 10mg Vetoryl two times a day. He seems to tolerate the medicine very well and his need to drink water several times during the night has completely disappeared. I should note we also added a chill mat which seems to help keeping him cooler at night. His skin rashes are getting much better and he seems to have more energy for our daily walks. His first 2-week follow up ACTH stimulation test is next far so good!


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    Hello Tony, and welcome to you and Toby! We’re so glad you’ve joined us, and we look forward to reading more about your sweet boy and his journey forward. It sounds as though you and your vet are right on track, and I know it must be feeling great to see these improvements! We’ll be anxious to see further updates, and especially to see the results of his monitoring test on Tuesday. But for now, I’m hoping you’re enjoying this Father’s Day — it sounds as though Toby is a very lucky puppy to have you for his dad ;-))))).

    Best wishes, and once again, welcome!

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    Default Re: New here - My Dachshund started Vetoryl

    Just popping in to say HI and welcome to you, Tony, and your sweet baby boy Toby!
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