I have an 8 year old Lab mix, has always drank a lot of water, thought it was just her manner. This summer she started excessive peeing, losing her hair, panting, and more drinking than I have every seen her do. So in September had her tested for Cushings, it was positive. I realized that I had changed her to a new flea medicine in May called Simparica, which she took for 3 months. I became curious about this medicine and looked it up, found out the side effects from this medicine are similar to symptoms for cushing. Haven't started Sadie (my Lab) on Vetoryl at this time. I have stopped the flea medicine. And she seems to be getting better. Less drinking, peeing, and panting, and her hair may be starting to grow back. So I am not sure of the dx of Cushings. Vet didn't even want to test her for Cushings in the first place, said most likely not cushings. Can anyone comment you thoughts here please. I just don't trust the information I have gotten thus far, would love to hear from people who have dealt with this.