Hi! I just started my 15lb female Havanese on 10mg of Vetoryl just 6 days ago. I really didn't want to give her a script but as far as I know, there really are not any other natural or script medications that are FDA-approved or very effective for the treatment of pets with Cushing's. Surgery (to remove the tumors) is an option but I do not know of anyone that has done that. I opted to treat her with just medication given she is turning 13 in 2 months. I just want to make her comfortable for the time she has left at this point. You might be onto something as far as the flea treatment is concerned. From my observation, Cushing's has become very common in dogs over 9 years of age (mostly smaller dogs of terrier breed) and I wonder if there is a link between some common medication we give our dogs or (as you mentioned) in flea treatment or even Heartworm. Maybe you should contact the manufacturer of Simparica regarding your pet's diagnosis. What I do know is my poor dog started with this horrific skin infection which no matter how it was treated never got better. The vet immediately suspected Cushing's and was "spot on" with that diagnosis after she was fully tested. My dog really didn't have many of the typical signs of Cushing's (peeing frequently, urinary tract infections, increased hunger, and drinking). What she did/does have are bleeding skin lesions and a bloated belly. I've done some research and I've tried a few natural treatments but with no marked success. Some have had success with supplementing with Melatonin I've read but I just don't know if I trust the sources because they want to sell their expensive/unaffordable products. Here's what I know, "Sally" has been on Vetoryl for 6 days and already her tummy doesn't seem as bloated and she has been moving around more than she did in prior weeks. Also, FYI. I've only treated my dogs (I have 2 Havanese's/brother & sister), with a Topical Flea medication (never heard of the one you mentioned) briefly (maybe once a month ONLY during the summer and maybe for only 3 years tops). I don't really like using those chemicals on their skin unless it is really necessary. My dogs have never, ever had a single flea seen on them BUT I did find a tick on "Sally" 3 times in her life and removed it immediately. Finding the tick prompted me to treat her with the flea medication because I was concerned about her safety and my family's safety. No one wants fleas in their house (of course) but ticks are scary and we have many deer in our area and trees. Since stopping any topical flea meds. I am constantly checking my dogs and I bathe them at least 2 times a week with Vet recommended shampoo. I also spray a natural lawn treatment on my backyard trees, plants, and lawn to help with ticks and fleas.

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