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Thread: ROLLY Love of my life

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    Rolly just turned 13 on July 30th. He has had cushings for a year and 6 months. Vet subscribed vetyrol 10 mg twice a day. He recently got sick . He's at vet now..he's is now anemic. Vet said he doesn't know what causing it. Everything I googled says meds for cushing can play a role. I'd like to hear from other pet parents in my situation. He's been at Vet hsp for 24 hrs . On antibiotics. Vet hadn't given a prognosis. Told me they want to keep him another night but Vet hospital is understand tonight and want to send him to another hsp for tonight. I want the best for my fur baby. Vet said I may be able to take him home then return once they restaff??? I've already paid over $1000.00.

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    You have my attention/thoughts/prayers for Rolly.
    Im a few years removed from Cushpups, but I try to at minimum, say hello... and let you know others who are more knowledgeable will follow my post, Im certain.

    Personally, I never cared for the mixed/split dosages
    In Loving Memory - Gigi (2006-2018)
    - Had a great quality of life as a "Cushings Dog"
    - And passed non Cushings related...

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    Hello and welcome from me, too, although Iím so sorry about Rollyís problems. In honesty, Iím not familiar with anemia being considered a possible side effect from Vetoryl, so if youíve read something about that, maybe you can point us towards that information. When you say that Rolly recently got sick, can you tell us more about his symptoms? Is there something more than anemia thatís been going on?

    Whenever we hear that a dog taking Vetoryl isnít doing well, our first worry is that perhaps the cortisol level has dropped too low. Has Rollyís cortisol level been checked recently, and especially during this hospitalization? Actually, if youíd be willing to tell us more about Rollyís whole history and original Cushingís diagnosis, that would be great. I apologize for so many questions to start off with, but your answers will really help us to sort out what may be going on now.

    Thanks in advance, and once again, welcome.

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