Shelba, no problem at all about the “edit” ;-). And I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing even a little bit of improvement with Suni — let’s hope it continues!!

As far as little Mandi, here’s a link to a thread here where a few feeding suggestions have been given when dogs are reluctant to eat:

Has Mandi always been a picky eater, or is this a new development? I’m afraid I don’t personally have any great suggestions, because my three Labs generally had hearty appetites. Ever since Christmas, though, Luna has had episodes of inappetence, probably associated with some sort of chronic GI upset. Right now she’s doing good, though, thank goodness. At the moment, I’m warming up some ground turkey crumbles in a little water to add to her kibble. It kind of turns it into a warm bowl of stew, and she really seems to like that. On that thread I gave you, a couple other people also mention that warming the food seems to help perk up appetites. Anyway, do take a look at that thread and see if any other suggestions make sense to you. And good luck!!