And I appreciate it alot..Lord knows I need it to get through this difficult time..I assume you mean if I didn't give her those meds and she still collapsed and died right?? I would still have questions as to why but then it brings it back to without a necropsy there are no difinitive answers..and was also told that even necropsy can be inconclusive. Just seems really odd that the sheer coincidence how I give her new medication and in a day and half she dies.. I think anyone would def say ok ok has to be the's the only new thing I gave her..and again there isn't much out there that I can find about dogs dying from it that quick but there are those two instances. Just makes me wonder and question. The fact that my Dr and the online Dr both said yes her heart looks a little large makes me think hmmm ok but doesn't look that bad to warrant a death sentence..although I know things can happen too like strokes.. heart attacks etc where it can go quick. The other thing.that worries me a little.about it is she only had two days of a washout between the aspirin and meloxicam..this other Dr I was talking to said def not long enough and should have been 5 to 7 or even 10 days but I believe it would geared more towards an ulcer or something..and the last Dr I talked to said they couldn't imagine her getting one that fast and it rupturing..and again she did not vomit once..had drool.right before she was slipping away but no vomit..and def no bloody looking poop either..mushy yes but I assume was side effects kicking in. Just lost right now and I know I'm sesrct for answers that I most likely won't find ☹️😭 thanks again for being there though. I do wish some others would chime in..not that I'm sick of talking to you. Lol but there experiences or things that may have happened to them.