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Thread: Max test results help

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    I totally hear ya about the food! The ingredients of many of the Rx diets are often so off-putting that I’ve always kind of turned up my nose at the suggestion. But after several weeks of no-luck experimentation with different commercial foods alongside plain chicken and rice, I gave in and started my Luna on Hill’s i/d digestive care. Within 24 hours, she finally had a solid stool and for now, I’m leaving her on it. She really likes it and even though she still relapses a bit every couple of weeks, I’ve had the best luck with it of anything so far. Thanks for mentioning the Royal Canin, though, because I do think that would also be an option for us to try if she continues to backslide on the Hill’s. I’m so over having to worry every day about how poop patrol is gonna turn out!!

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    Absolutely! Max has always been on “high end” food with higher protein. I balked at the ingredients, but after him having the worst gulps and strange allergies last February we switched him and the change has been remarkable. We have to go very slow with him if I add supplements. He’s always had “gulpy” issues which our vet and ER vets finally said is reflux. Episodes have been greatly controlled with food. I moved him off of dasaquin with msm chews to movoflex and green lipped muscle powder (super snouts) because I worried about his liver and the glucosamine and msm. Oddly enough his alp levels rising I guess it hasn’t helped. I’m sorry your girl has had a rough go. This is my first dog and aging is really tough. I just want him to be happy and not be in pain. We also have luck with Prilosec when he has a gulping episode.
    Another thing that is wonderful for dogs with GI issues is raw goat’s milk. We tried it, but it wasn’t a fix for us. I pray Luna’s continues to get better each day. These dogs deserve all the best!! ❤️
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