One of our Administrators, Glynda Pomerantz, has prepared a very helpful document listing tips and warnings for dog owners caught in the midst of this worldwide pandemic. Although dogs are not thought to be original sources of COVID-19 infection nor able to directly infect humans, there is a belief that they may carry the virus on their coats if a human with the disease touches them. There is even some very new evidence suggesting that dogs and cats can be sickened by the virus, themselves, if the virus is passed to them by a human. For this reason, if you have the COVID-19 virus, you should stay away from family pets so as not to transmit the virus to other family members, or even to your pet.

Also, you should never let another person touch or pet your dog if you’re out on a walk, even if you’re maintaining proper social distancing yourself. Even if appearing healthy, that person may still be shedding the virus and may be depositing it on your dog’s coat.

Here is the link to Glynda’s posting: