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Thread: Not convinced my dog doesn’t have Cushings! (Cesar has passed)

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    Default Not convinced my dog doesn’t have Cushings! (Cesar has passed)

    Hi everyone

    New to this forum and hoping to get some advice about my dog. I have a rescued 7 year old male cane Corso. We rescued him in 2018 from Romania. The first year was great. Healthy, loved his walks, happy dog! Then in October 2019 I noticed he’d become quite greedy then started drinking lots of water. A few weeks later he stopped running, jumping up and just generally lethargic not wanting to exercise etc also he keeps staring at the floor. Took him to the vet where they did blood tests expecting Cushings. Results came back and showed high liver enzymes (70) and high cholesterol. However didn’t show Cushings as usually it would be a much, much higher result. So tested him for hypothyroidism. His results came back low thyroid but TSH normal. As his symptoms got worse my vet done a trial on thyroxine but this made no difference so we took him of it. He has had 2 lots of scans and xrays which all came back completely normal. I’ve swapped him to a raw food diet as he has put on so much weight through not exercising. However I’m still seeing little difference in his symptoms. I’ve even changed vets for a second opinion but they still don’t think he has Cushings. I’ve seen little improvement in his symptoms. He has every symptom apart from panting and hair loss although weirdly he has stopped moulting completely since all this started. The vet thinks it’s all behaviour related I.e the excessive water drinking etc. Personally I don’t. He is like a totally different dog. Any advice? What would you do? Specialist next possibly? Thank you!
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