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Thread: Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness

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    Our state leaders need to be making the hard decisions, if they haven't already. CA has thousands of people out of work. The unemployemt web-sites have overloaded and crashed. I personally know of several people who have lost their jobs. It is so bad, that there is now a government mandate in effect that forbids forclosues and evictions, due to inability to pay mortgages and rent. That is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Food is hard to find. Supplies are even harder. I donated several boxes of Poise pads and Depend undegarments because the nursing homes can not get these essential supplies. I think my mom would have approved of that donation. There were tons of them left after she died, which no one was using. I am glad they are going to good use. Having said all this, due to the restrictions in place, losses and cases are much lower than they would have been otherwise. Medical facilities are still operational, although stretched beyond their capacity. So yes, tight restrictions and enforcement are necessary. We are no longer free to go where we want, when we want. We are no longer free to do what we want beyond the confines our own homes and property. However, we are saving lives, which is what counts right now. No age group is immune. A 25 year old with no pre-existing condtions died in a local hospital yesterday. We have 6 week old infant whose has come down with the virus. Yes, seniors, or others who have pre-existing conditions are more likely to die from this disease, but there are others, many others, who are dying too.

    Marianne, I have been watching the pandemic state maps, as far as statistics and numbers. You are absolutely right! I am no scientist, but according to the data, Georgia is headed for real trouble. Just because people think that the virus isn't there yet, they are wrong. It is in every city, town and country in the world, except for Antarctica. It could even be there now for all I know. So if you have a governor who is dragging his/her feet and not protecting you the best they can by setting restrictions, take it upon yourself to self isolate. Stay at home as much as possible, going out for essential needs only. Those who are essential workers, protect yourself by maintaining a 6 foot social distance, if you possibly can. Wash you hands often for twenty seconds and use hand sanitizer when soap and water is unavailable. If you don't already have hand sanitizer, there may not be any to be found. In that case, peroxide or rubbing alcohol will work. They do dry out your hands, so be sure to moisturize.

    As far as toilet paper.... If you have had to creative, due to the unavailability of toilet paper, pleae do not flush any other paper products, wipes, etc., in the toilet. As gross as this may sound, trash them. These things often clog sewer lines and septic systems. just be careful, when you are using a substitute for TP.

    New York has stepped up and are doing a phenomenal job dealing with this crisis, under dire circumstances. Many lives have been lost, with many more dying, yet they are still fighting with everything they have to save lives. They are putting themselves at great risk to help others without crucial supplies. That is my definition of heros. Let's learn from them. Thank you all for what you do everyday. Here's to the heros who continue to help others in all parts of the world.
    Be smart to stay safe.
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    Glad to hear some of yours are coming up, Lori! Some of mine are as well. I am hoping the ones that haven't broken ground aren't supposed to just yet.

    Marianne, glad you got at least that small measure of reprieve! How petty of your neighbors to be doing such at any time but especially now. People who are concerned with appearances get on my last nerve.
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