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Thread: Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness

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    Hi everybody, just checking in once again to see how you all are doing. Absolutely *nothing* is different in my neck of the woods, so my own post will be quite boring. Oh, I do have one bit of good news: my sweetie doggie Luna celebrated her 12th birthday yesterday . Neither Barkis nor Peg made it to that milestone, so her Dad and I are feeling very lucky and grateful this weekend. Her walks are now only very short, very leisurely strolls. But she still loves them, and I treasure every single one of them, too.

    Aside from that, it’s same-old, same-old here. COVID cases are down a bit, but still too high to feel as though community spread is yet under any real control. So we remain hunkered down in our house except for really necessary errands. My hair is now long enough that I can at least corral it into a ponytail. I bought a set of vari-colored scrunchies at the grocery store today, and felt as though that was my big fashion statement for the summer!

    Ah well, we’ve now survived for five months like this — hopefully there’ll be some good news about a vaccine or treatment in another 5-6 months. Fingers crossed, that’s for sure!


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    Before the pandemic hit, I started growing out a pony tail with the intention to get it long enough to donate to use for wigs. They tell me gray hair in in demand. That requires at least 7" of hair. The pony tail is now past my shoulder blades! There is a collection of scrunchies, clips of various sizes, barrettes, and other implements of hair containment in my bathroom. I have stared longingly at my dog clippers more than one I promise, going so far as to take them outside one day and plug them in but I restrained myself with considerable effort! I cannot wait to get this mess cut off and I will never grow it out again. Since we aren't supposed to touch our faces I started cutting off the hairs that were too short to contain but long enough to get on my face making me want to brush it away so now I have a halo of short gray hair around my face. LOL So I've added some old fashioned hair bands and kerchiefs to hold that down. Always a fashionista!

    I've been out of the house more in the last 5 weeks than in the whole time since March. Dentists, doctors, and PT....and I can tell you I am on pins and needles waiting for 30 days to pass when I don't have to see one or the other! If I could find and afford a hazmat suit to wear to those appointments I would gratefully. As it is I wear mask, gloves, and face shield and hold my breath when they get close if at all possible. Hard to do with a dentist let me tell you! I am so looking forward to the time when I can isolate once again.

    Like you, Marianne, I am praying for a viable vaccine soon. Hopefully everyone will be able to get one that will work at least as well as the flu vaccines do so that if we do get the virus it won't be as hard on us. Be nice to have one that simply makes the risk next to nothing but I will take anything for now. As we learn more hopefully we will have better weapons to use against it.

    Happiest of Birthdays to our sweet Luna! I can only imagine how blessed you and her dad feel to have her reach this milestone. I pray she is with you for a long time yet to come!

    Ya'll take care!
    "May you know that absence is full of tender presence and that nothing is ever lost or forgotten." John O'Donahue, "Eternal Echoes"

    Death is not a changing of worlds as most imagine, as much as the walls of this world infinitely expanding.

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    I have 37 monarch caterpillars in their chrysalis, they should be eclosing within the next week, these are the super-migrators and will be the ones that fly the whole way to Mexico to roost.

    My niece decided to cyberschool Misty, which I believe is best, Misty likes having school at home as she is a momma's baby! It's 5 hours long, her school day starts at 8:45am with breaks in between plus homework.

    Not much else going on, hope everyone is safe and well.

    Hugs, Lori

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