Just checking in again with everybody as we’re poised to exit 2021 and enter 2022. I have nothing new to report from my end, other than the fact that hubby and I braved the road to drive to Tennessee to visit my brother and his family at Thanksgiving. Our first post-COVID trip!! It was great to finally see family face-to-face once again, but the trip did carry some stress. Traveling did strain our elderly Luna, and I was fairly worried about viral exposure since literally nobody else in our hotel was wearing a mask aside from us. But Omicron had not yet arrived and hubby and I had been recently boostered, so thankfully we remained healthy. Now it’s home again with a lot of the same-old, same-old. We did have a very quiet but pleasant Christmas, just the three of us. It’ll be ditto for New Year’s.

Hoping to hear that everybody else is still hanging in there, too. I’m especially wondering about you, Kathy. I’ve missed seeing Buddy’s sweet Christmas avatar this season, and I’ll be anxious to see an update from you whenever you’re able. And the same for all the rest of our family — please add a note if and when you can.