Just got notification that my visitor for tomorrow will not be coming after all....Crystal Springs, the resort, is cancelling all reservations for the foreseeable future. ~~whew~~ My friend and her hubby are very disappointed and while I am sorry they have to miss this trip I am glad as well because I was worrying about their well-being. He has had 3 heart surgeries so that puts him in the high risk category too...and if something happened to him I'm not sure how well she would cope. She and I went to high school together...and she lost her adult son a few years ago so we reconnected and bonded over that tragedy. So I know how much she depends on him and needs him. I am relieved they will not be leaving town.

Just before this started, I had decided to teach myself to crochet. Thankfully I went out to one of the craft stores then and purchased quite a bit of yarn on sale plus Beth, another former member, sent me a box full of yarn she no longer needed. On my last trip to WalMart I picked up a couple of skeins needed to compliment some of the things I am working on. So when I'm not out in the yard I spend a lot of time in my recliner with Tilly in my lap crocheting and watching cooking shows. So if anyone has any yarn they need to find a home for, I'm more than glad to adopt it.