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    Default Corona Virus Pandemic Preparedness

    As you prepare for possible quarantine due to the Corona Virus outbreak, please remember to provide for you pets. They will need at least a few weeks of food and medication etc. I live in Southern California. Panic has set in here. Food has flown off the shelves, with very little of anything remaining. There are no staples of any kind left. No rice, beans, etc. Bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, baby wipes, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer can not be found anywhere. Lines are very long at the grocery stores. People are grabbing whatever is left. It is practically impossible to get into Costco. You may not be experiencing these shortages yet. The higher the population, the bigger the panic and the bigger the need. However, being as prepared as possible is crucial.

    So, it is particularly important to provide for your pet during this difficult time globally. Pets with special dietary needs and allergies are especially vulnerable. My dog's specialty food is only available at one store locally. There are at least six other pet stores closer to me. Non of them carry it. I went out yesterday to pick up dog food, since I am running low. I was not going out on a mission to stock up. It was just time to pick up a bag. There was none left. Many shelves were empty. The manager called thru to four other stores before a bag was located. Please remember your fur babies as you continue to prepare for this current emergency,

    I hope all of you and your fur babies remain well and strong throughout this global pandemic.
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