I am excited to see that vaccines are starting to spread throughout the country, and some of you have been able to get at least your first shot!
I hope you're finally feeling better Leslie.
Yes Marianne, I will continue to be careful. Thanks for caring.
Spring Break gives me a chance to catch up much needed maintenance and chores that I don't normally have time (or energy) for. Dad's taxes are now done and I donated two cars to charity which were picked up yesterday and today. I'm marking off my list, which is calming to see things done and out of the way. Still can't do much here. We are finally in the red tier, so some things are opening at reduced capacity, but I'm still going out only for essentials and work, except for a haircut. Marianne reminded that I wouldn't be fully vaccinated until two weeks after my second dose. That won't be for another week. So, I'm staying the course. The school year, such as it is, is winding down. I only have about seven weeks left after spring break before summer break. This is my 29th year. This has been the weirdest school year ever!