Dear group,

Am so happy to have found you. I need some help. I am still healing and getting back on my feet after losing my other dog to heart failure and other health issues and now faced with another health problem with his brother Yohnny. It is a little overwhelming so am looking for support and guidance.

My boy Yohnny has high cortisol but the LDDS test did not show Cushings. Vet says he is a mystery and she does not know what to do other than do the LDDS test again. He has enormous apitite, thin fur, and now recently it seems his breathing has changed.

He has symptoms that made my vet think he may have cushings - enourmous appetite, thin fur, pot belly. Did LDDS test but came back negative. So he does not have cushings my vet says.
She has also done abdominal ultrasound and all looked normal.

About the same time this happened he also also was diagnosed with a tumor in his testicle ( he has had Cryptorchidism all his life) so they removed both his testicles - no metstases.

He is obsessed about food and when we go out all he wants to do is eat poop. I have him onleash and have to walk right next to him to stop him from eating dog poop. I miss it somethimes bcs he knows I don't like it so he is sneaky. which means I have to de-worm him often. bc god knows what is in the tummy of his.

I have hear stresss can cause high kortisol. I know I was super stressed during my other dogs ickness and death, do you guys think he is stressed? He does not act strees, but he is a low key dog so it is hard to say.

He also has athritis. Has take caartegen shots but other than that he is fine. I just find him not so happy and more reserved.

Sorry if this post is all over the place. I do have results from tests but cannot find a way to post them.