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Thread: Newly diagnosed - Any success stories with Tristolane?

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    Default Re: Newly diagnosed - Any success stories with Tristolane?

    Good to hear from you again, Bama! And especially great to hear that Rex continues to do so well in spite of that little setback from the dental. It's stories like Rex's that help so many to follow know there is hope for their baby when they first come here so thank you so very much for coming back with this update!

    Hugs and belly rubs!
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    Default Re: Newly diagnosed - Any success stories with Tristolane?

    So Rexís disease is progressing. Heís been on trilostane for 1 1/2 years now. The Vet just titrated his dose up to 20 mg. Per day.

    Heís having accidents in the house now. Iím hoping that will improve with the dose titrationÖ..

    Does anyone know or have thoughts regarding urinary incontinence with disease progression?

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    Default Re: Newly diagnosed - Any success stories with Tristolane?

    Welcome back to you and Rex, although Iím sorry about the accidents heís having in the house now. In looking back through your thread, I see that you had been having his cortisol level monitored on a regular basis. I assume your vet checked his cortisol, now, before increasing the trilostane dose? If his cortisol level had indeed been creeping up to a higher level, then hopefully the increased dose will take care of things.

    Another possibility that occurs to me is a urinary tract infection since that can cause increased thirst and urination in any dog, with or without Cushingís. Is that a possibility that your vet has ruled out via a urine test? If not, thatís something Iíd want to ask your vet about. So do let us know about the results of any recent tests of either blood and/or urine, and then we can go from there.


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