well, its nearly Christmas and this one won't have Jasmine there, except in spirit.
Fine animal. Wouldnt hurt a fly and she succumbed to the disease and/or the treatment.
She ended up with enlarged heart in addition to enlarged spleen and liver. The Vet and I discussed
letting her go and I did. She didnt appear in pain but she was certainly beginning to not be able to get food
down and such and had to be carried everywhere. She was my fathers pet which I inherited when my dad passed,
so this dog was very special as was her male companion that came with her. The male dog passed some years ago
due to a heart failure quite unexpectedly.

Nonetheless, I want to thank those here for giving us a place to vent. Her initial dosage was 30 mg then increased
to 40mg and she died in less than 2 months. She was taken off the meds and put on prednizone. After a week of that she
was not able to get food down or walk much. She had just turned 13. (cocker spaniel)