Hi my 10 year old bichon frise Bo was diagnosed with cushings in may and started on 30mg of vetoryl on 25 may. Her initial cortisol level was 110. When she was tested 12 days later it was down to 54 so great.
However her symptoms were the same.
She has high protein levels in her urine and the vet was doing tests for this eventually doing an ultrasound to check her liver, kidneys and whilst sedated checked her pituitary glands as the LDDST test did not confirm which type of cushings she has. The pituitary glands were normal size.
They decided that since she was still showing signs of starving all the time, drinking lots, pot belly and very anxious to increase her dose to 40mg on 25 june.
She was tested last monday 8 july and her cortisol was too low, down to 27.59 so back to 30mg a day.

She is constantly following me looking for food, she is on royal canin urinary so lp18 dry food as almost 4yrs ago she had a mixed bladder stone-struvite and co oxalate. She is not allowed anything else. She is still drinking a lot, if i go out and do the front garden she ends up barking for me as she just doesnt want to be apart. Her belly is large (more noticeable because they shaved it to do the ultrasound) and she is uncomfortable when lying. Sometimes i just think she looks a poor soul, miserable and glazed eyes.

It is heartbreaking seeing her miserable (and at times exhausting being constantly hounded for food) she still goes walks but i noticed the other day she has very little body fat now on her back legs/ bottom area.

I just wondered if anybody elses furry pal has taken longer than 6weeks to show any improvement, or any suggestions? We are in Scotland