Wooo Hooooooooooooooo!! Jen, it’s so great to see you here this morning (or maybe it’s tonight or tomorrow morning to you — I can’t ever keep the time zones and date lines straight!). That’s one of the many things that was so wonderful about you and Alison being here, you girls were an essential part of the round-the-clock ER team :-)))))).

Of course we’ll never forget Buddy and Nelson and Phoebe, and I’m so glad you still have your two boys with you after losing Janey. Since Barkis, I’ve loved and lost my Peg, and now my “baby” Luna will soon be turning eleven. It all goes by far too fast. And as you probably read above, my mom died in January, too. So it sounds as though you and I are facing some similar sorrows and burdens.

Anyway, it’s fabulous to see you back here! Thanks so very much for joining in. And please don’t think of yourself as not being strong enough insofar as departing us. I think we all cope with our strength and weaknesses in different ways. I ended up staying here, but not because I was feeling strong — instead, just the opposite. This forum had become a safe little cocoon for me to settle into, and in some ways distracted and buffered me from having to deal with other challenges in my life. At any time, day or night, I could log in here and rejoin my K9C family, and busy myself with the world of Cushing’s. So that has been a genuine comfort and shelter for me, but it has also been a trade-off in terms of time spent away from being more brave about trying other new things. I do believe we all come here with a clear unity of purpose — to do the very best we can for our dogs. Whether or not we then end up staying may have more to do with “us,” after all, and what we’re needing most at the time. And that’s my psychotherapy nugget for today ;-)))))).

I love remembering those early times when we were all together here, though, and I wish you the best, always! (And if you’d ever wish to tell us more about Luke and Joey, we’d love to hear...)