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Thread: Attitude for gratitude

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    During my early morning walks with Jackson (anytime between 4 & 5 AM because that is when his senior anxiety has him panting and licking and pacing by the bedroom door) I have noticed myself being grateful for another morning walk together. They may not be as far as they once were but it is still our time together and one day I will be missing it more than words can explain. In case you are wondering why I would walk him so early in the morning...Jackson and I started out in the city of Chicago in a condo so potty was always on a walk. After 10 years of being in the suburbs he still will not go #2 in his yard so he gets a walk at least two times a day. I love the little booger and need to remember to cherish every moment we still have together.

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    Iím so thankful and grateful that the hubby and I made a safe journey home to pick up our little Annie. I Ďm also grateful for my my own strength as a pup mom. I know Iím talking to myself now, but thatís ok. We anxiet backed and forth for days whether or not Annie was going to go with us on our fishing trip. At first, doc said she could go, then she got sick. Iím thankful for the wisdom we made to board her at docís. If was so so hot in northern Minnesota. Anyway as I talk to myself here, Iím also grateful for this place that I can let go of emotions and turmoil.

    Much more to come tomorrow on the other thread. Blessings to you all and your pups. Karen

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