I have been slammed with grief for over two months and I donít know where to take it in order to be able to function and take care of my newly diagnosed Cush pup. I lost my 14 yr. old min-schnauzer, Gracie, to lymphoma on 1-11-19. Two weeks after that, my 10 year old Annie was diagnosed with Cushings on top of having been diabetic for about a year. Annie is fully loaded on her Lysodren and is now on a maintenance dose of 250mg 2x a week.
I feel in many ways, I am already grieving my Annie away. I know Cushings is not a death sentence yet itís hard for me to feel fully engaged with her and to enjoy her as I did before Gracieís death. Iíve visited all the sites listed and read the incredible memorial postings others have written for their departed pups, and all I can do is cry.
There have been many pups in my life, each one as special and precious as the next. There was something extra special about Gracie through. I always called her my PITA ( pain in the a-- ) pup. She challenged me with every paw every day of her 14 years. However, when we brought little baby Annie home, she wrapped those paws around her new little sister and never let go and taught her what it meant to be part of our family. I know Annie misses her big sis and is grieving too. Our whole world has been turned upside down and I donít know how to get on top of this.
My husband has been a big help and I know heís hurting as much as I am---I just cry more. Heís not very ďmedicalĒ by nature so Iíve always been the primary caregiver, and everything involved with the Lysodren just freaks me out. I know Annie feels my anxiety and I donít want to do that to her but at the same time, I know I canít swallow my fears.
I need to do the best I can for my little Annieóshe deserves it and I just donít know to give it to her right now.. Maybe there is someone out there who has been in a similar situation that can offer advice to help me get to a Ďnew normalĒ. Maybe Iím just looking for the voice of reason. My blessings to all you wonderful folks. Karen