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Thread: New to Cushings

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    Great news indeed!
    Kathy and Angel Buddy. The mightiest of all lizard hunters!

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    Oh Leslie, the surgeon told us yesterday after her surgery that he would be giving her something to actually give her a boost of cortisol to help her along. Iím just amazed at the level of care our little Annie is receiving. Yes, for many people itís very expensive and I make no judgements on choices that have to be madeóbecause whatever choice we make for our pups will always be the right one for you youíre pup and your family. Iíve been forced to make the tough decisions in my past and itís gut wrenching hard. I just feel so blessed right now that she is recovering and if we should have her for only a short time post all this, it was still worth it. No regrets. Blessings to you all and your pups.Karen

    I just want you all out there in whatever part of the world you reside, we all understand, their are no judgements and you will do the best for pups however you can.

    I will be very honest about Annieís surgery. Yes, it was very risky and very expensive. Most people would have elected to put their pup down. We have never had official pet insurance but we always put money away in case we needed itóand wow, three angel pups later,we exceeded our limit. Annie may be our last pup,which is very sad for us, but somehow we were able to pull out all the stops for our little one and give her a second chance at life, for as long as we have her.


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    So, so, so grateful to read your updates, Karen! As soon as my eyes open each morning, I grab my iPad and rush here to see whatís happening. I pray that Annie will continue to grow stronger today, and that tomorrow youíll be bringing her back home again. Iím guessing today may crawl by way too slowly for you, but weíll be trusting that each hour that passes will continue to fuel your babyís recovery.

    Hugs of healing comfort being sent to you all three!

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