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Thread: Cushings Meds and Senior Dog

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    Thank you for the feedback and support!

    No more 120 mg. Will continue with 30 mg Trilostane per day.

    Is hunger a typical symptom of Cushings?

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    Do not give Baxter any more Vetoryl until you do an ACTH test to see where levels are!
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    Yes, extreme hunger is a hallmark sign of Cushing's. Our cush babies feel as if they are starving 24/7 - literally. They will wolf down a bowl of food then immediately start begging and hunting for more. They will counter surf if large enough, start getting into the trash when they never did before, and eat a host of weird, frightening things trying to stop that feeling of starving. It goes WAY beyond normal hunger to a exhibition of being ravenous constantly.
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