Hi my name is Julie. My dog Cody is a 12 year old bichon and was just diagnosed yesterday with cushings. I've been reading posts here and they have given me more questions for the doctor so I put a call into her today and am also going to the vet this afternoon to pick up the last two bloodwork results from the two previous regular bloodwork and cushings tests to post. I am going to ask if the cushings is adrenal or pituitary but I have a feeling she doesn't really know cause we haven't done an ultrasound but I will ask. The reason she suspected the cushings was because he had elevated liver enzymes in his annual bloodwork a year ago. He got tested with 2 different tests for cushings and it didn't come back as a definite positive plus he wasn't showing any other signs except drinking a lot but that could have been because of the COPD medication he's on. He still had elevated enzymes this year so she did another cushings test and she said that he has it. He does seem more hungry now, still drinks a lot, has a bit of thinning hair on his back and his belly looks grey instead of pink. He has other medical issues as well. He had 2 bouts of pancreatitus but not recently. He has bladder stones, a rectal hernia (not large), a heart murmur and the COPD cough. The bladder stones and hernia aren't bothering him so we are just watching them. When I talked to the vet yesterday she was good at describing the pros and cons of treatment and we decided to bring him back in 3 months and do an xray to see how his heart is and a blood panel because after she told me about the treatment and the possible side effects including one patient that died because her gland totally shut down and she was in between blood tests and they didn't know until it was too late TOTALLY freaked me out! He is my baby and the thought of the medicine possibly ending his life versus just doing nothing right now because he's still energetic and doesn't seem to be bothered by it much worries me. But it sounds like if I do nothing he could get diabetes and a host of other issues that if he gets to that point putting him on the medicine will be too late to fix. I'm so confused ☹. Anyway I will post again when I get a copy of the bloodwork. Thanks for reading and any comments would be appreciated.