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    August 21, 2018: The day I had to make the heart-breaking decision to end Gracie's suffering. Due to failing kidneys and sudden onset diabetes, she had stopped eating the week before. I couldn't even get her to taste a bit of shredded chicken or a piece of McDonald's hamburger, so insulin injections were out of the question. She had spent 3 nights at the pet hospital receiving copious amounts of saline/dextrose solution through an IV catheter. It actually made her feel well enough to take short walks with me around the parking lot. Then they sent her home with me on Friday along with extra saline/dextrose and plenty of needles for 3-4 infusions/day at home. The infusions always gave me a sense of hope because right afterward she would perk up and want to go outside, roll in the grass and walk along the creek, her favorite things to do on a summer day. But in the mornings it was all too apparent that she was not feeling well. On her last day with me, Tuesday, Aug. 21, we did those favorite things one last time. Astonishingly, when we came back inside she accepted one last Dream Bone (her most favorite treat in the whole world) and devoured it. At this point I was doubting my decision to allow her go home with the angels in the next few hours... but after we got to the vet's office, we talked, and I was sure again that it was right for her to be set free. I know I will see my baby girl again.

    With her last Dream Bone...
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