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Thread: Cost Savings for Owners of Cushingoid Dogs

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    Default Cost Savings for Owners of Cushingoid Dogs

    Attached you will find a summary of some cost savings tips that we hope will be useful. Included are:

    Listing of online pharmacies that offer competitive pricing for Vetoryl and other prescription medications;
    Information about compounded versions of trilostane (the active ingredient in Vetoryl);
    A method for lessening the cost of ACTH stimulation testing used to monitor treatment progress;
    Information regarding a new trilostane monitoring protocol that involves less expensive testing of only pre-pill baseline cortisol levels.

    We know that the costs of caring for a Cushing's dog can be challenging, and hope that these tips may help lessen the expense for our members!

    Cost Savings_k9Cushings_Rev Final.pdf
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