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Thread: Mia-4 year old poodle recently diagnosed

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    Thanks so much for this update on sweet Mia! I’m sorry to hear about the skin problems. We experienced a lengthy battle with a skin staph infection in our non-Cushing’s lab, and it took a lot of frequent medicated baths to finally get it under control! But we finally did, and I hope the same will be true for Mia.

    I’d agree that an increase in her Vetoryl dose is likely in order. And scheduling that ultrasound also sounds like a very good idea. Please do let us know how the results turn out, OK? And in the meantime, please give her a big hug from her family here!


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    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for your kind words labblab.
    I have an update on Mia's case.

    We made the ultrasound on July and the results were good, not great but it could have been worse. The test revelead:
    Kidneys The left kidney increased its size in 0.07 inches and the right kidney reduced its size in 0.31 inches. They look normal.
    Venae cavae and aorta They are normal but they grew 0.05 inches larger.
    Stomach Gastritis was evident.
    Left adrenal gland Larger than normal 0.35x0.36 inches, last year it was actually smaller than normal with 0.11x0.10 inches
    Right adrenal gland Larger than normal 0.57x0.49 inches, last year it was also larger than normal with 0.30x0.27 inches
    Liver Larger than normal. Last year it was normal.

    The good news is that no tumors, nodules or abnormal masses were observed in any of the organs.

    The bad news is that the liver, kidneys, stomach and adrenal glands have grown larger.

    Te weird news is that now both glands are bigger than normal which would be a sign of pituitary Cushing, and not the Adrenal Cushing that was diagnosed last year.

    And about her skin, it's improving little by little, at least the lesions doesn't bleed like they did before.

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    Default Re: Mia-3 year old poodle recently diagnosed

    Thanks for the update! Is Mia still on the Vetoryl? What dose is she taking now? Did the vet make any comments about the change in the adrenals? That is odd to me as well and I would be curious to know what they thought about that.

    Great news that no tumors or other issues were found so rejoice in that! And I am glad to hear the skin is improving. With CC that is wonderful news; it can take such a long time for it to clear up so any improvement means steps toward the end of that condition.

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