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Thread: We lost our baby :(

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    Default We lost our baby :(

    It was everything ok. We did his bloodwork and it was ok. 2 days ago he was so playful,eating well and taking long walks.. yesterday morning he went to the stars in his sleep. We are shocked and can't realise he's gone. My deepest regret is that I wasn't there for him,he was at my parents. I don't understand what happened. I never tought it will be so painful. Ben was my baby,my rock,my everything. We're devastated.

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    I am so deeply sorry for your loss! I know you had so many worries about Ben, but we were all hoping that you’d still have a bit of time to share together. For his passing to have come so suddenly — it must be such a shock and such a sadness for your whole family.

    Thank you so much, though, for returning to tell us what has happened. Ben will now be forever honored on our special memorial thread:

    And we’ll always be here for you to come and talk to us. Truly, you saved Ben’s life and his spirit the day you brought him home with you. And now, your work with all those other rescue dogs will always remain your living memorial to him. But I know that won’t ever replace having him close by your side. My heart aches for your own broken heart on this sad day.

    Your whole family here sends our deepest sympathy. I know the miles between us may be many, but our thoughts are already there with you now. Do take care, and do come back whenever it may be a comfort to you.


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    Default Re: We lost our baby :(

    I'm so sorry,'s never easy losing them.
    Joan, mom to my Angel Lena, Angel Gable, Angel Phoenix, Angel Doree, Cooper, Sibble, and now Raina.

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    Default Re: We lost our baby :(

    Dear Elena,

    I am so so sorry to hear about sweet Ben. You and your family are heart-broken, I am sure. We are never ready to see them go no matter the circumstances and I can imagine it doubly hard when things have finally seemed to take a turn for the better. Such a shock, I'm sure. One thing is sure - Ben knew he was loved and he will carry that love with him for all time. I believe you will see Ben again one day and when that day comes he will cover your face with all the kisses he missed giving you through the years.

    My deepest sympathies,

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    When you're feeling alone
    just remember our love,
    I'm up near the stars
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    Remember our love
    In a moment you'll see
    that I'm still here beside you
    when you're thinking of me.

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