Thanks for the wonderful information, Marianne. I'm definitely going to follow up with my vet about new NSAIDs on the market and go from there.

Yes, she has remained stable, for the most part. She did have a scary episode in December, and I'm still unsure whether it's related to Cushing's. All of a sudden, she was exhibiting trouble eating and drinking--like she couldn't manipulate her tongue normally or open her mouth as wide. She wound up spending the weekend at the vet on IV fluids/Benedryl and she improved greatly, but they recommended following up with a neurologist. I made that appt., and my options were 1) Pop her on 2 antibiotics to see if they would knock out a possible infection; 2) Put her under for an MRI and muscle biopsy; or 3) Put her on Pred. I chose the 1st option--didn't seem to make a difference after 2 weeks--and I was unwilling to put her under anesthesia, and Pred didn't seem like an option because of the Cushing's. As of now, she's much better but does still have some restricted mouth opening. Perhaps any inflammation in that area could be mitigated by one of the NSAIDs you mentioned as an added benefit?