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Thread: New Diagnosis and 7 day update

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    I would add melatonin to the lignans if it were me. Melatonin is known to promote hair growth plus the Atypical form of Cushing's is treated by that combination - melatonin plus lignnans. Atypical Cushing's a form in which the cortisol is normal but 2 or more of the intermediate, or sex, hormones are elevated. One of those hormones is estradiol. Unlike the other hormones involved in Atypical, estradiol can be produced outside the adrenal glands and this combination can reach outside the adrenal glands. It is believed that conventional Cushing's with elevated cortisol also includes elevations in the intermediate hormones. So I would add the melatonin. You want plain melatonin - not extended release, rapid release, etc.....just plain ole melatonin. The dosage for melatonin is 3mg/2x/day for dogs under 30 lbs and 6mg/2x/day for dogs over 30 lbs.

    There are two types of lignans used to treat these hormones - from flax (SDG) and from spruce (HMR). The dose for SDG lignans is 1mg/lb/day; for HMR lignans the dose is 10-40mg/day...for smaller dogs you want closer to 10mg, for larger dogs the dose is higher. Lignans can cause diarrhea so you want to start with a lower dose and increase gradually.

    This combination takes at least 4 months to work so I wouldn't expect much to have changed in 60 days.

    I'm glad everything else seems to be good for Macie!
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    Thanks so much for this update. That’s reassuring that Macie’s cortisol level is within the desired range. And yes, it’ll be interesting to see whether the lignans helps. Our experience here has been variable in that regard. Some dogs with hormonal imbalance gain some degree of symptom relief, but definitely not all. And it can take quite some time to see improvement even when it occurs. One question: did the dermatologist discuss treating with melatonin in addition to the lignans? Most dogs here have been prescribed those two supplements in combination. I’ll come back later and add a link that will discuss the dual treatment in more detail.


    P.S. Aha! I see that Leslie and I were posting at the same time. I’m really glad she’s stepped in because she is much more experienced than I am with the lignans/melatonin combo ;-).
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    Thank you both for your input. Macie was on melatonin for about 10 months prior to starting the lignans. We did not see any change in hair growth or loss. She has not been on the combination of the two at the same time. BTW, she is taking 40mg HMR lignans once a day and still on 20 mg Vetoryl once daily.

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