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Thread: Confused and scared as to go traditional or alternative?

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    Default Re: Confused and scared as to go traditional or alternative?

    I am impressed with your vet's knowledge regarding cushings and just from what you say it does sound like you and Scully would be in good hands with her. She knows the dosage and having treated so many is aware of any risks and she is taking steps to limit those from the beginning.

    Crossing fingers and lets see how the test go.
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    Default Update on Testing and previous tests

    Yesterday went and had the three draws for testing for Cushings and should have results tomorrow.

    I also went ahead and got copies of blood work from October last year and this months and will list things that were high.

    She did really good through the stress of all day and better than myself who has chronic conditions and sent me into a flare from stress.

    Here our previous tests:

    October 2017:
    ALP= 902 = (20- 150)

    Triglycerides= 253 = (20- 150)

    March 2018:
    ALP= 1225 = (20- 150)
    ALT=150= (10- 119)
    AMY= 1628= (200- 1200)
    GLU= 130= (80- 110)
    CHOL= 322= (125-270)

    I thought there was a copy of her urinalysis in there too but was told on phone all okay except some protein in urine which can be common as well with Cushings?

    I should no for sure tomorrow and gave vet new protocol from drug company and she was gonna call a internist she knows as well for more input.

    Here is where I still am at.
    I look at my dog right now and see her eating and drinking and will give you typical to much with Cushings but still herself is still in there.

    My greatest fear is I start Vetoryl and she goes from that to possibly not eating and not herself etc..

    I posed theses fears to my vet yesterday and she said most of the time that happens from to strong of a dose of meds or intolerance but mostly to strong of a dose.

    I cannot get past this feeling in my gut still is this the right things to do?

    Is putting her through countless trips for blood work and possible side effects gonna effect the true quality of her life?

    Or will the meds have a ability to let her have both a longer life and reduce symptoms and still have quality?

    Why do I feel almost like it is a 50/50 crap shoot?

    My vet is saying push on and if it is positive start meds and I even asked how many dogs she has treated have went into a Addison collapse and she said only 1.

    She discuss a syndrome called the honeymoon phase is some dogs?

    She said they start off doing really good and all of a sudden this stops and only things can be done is to stop meds and break and start over?

    That still has me going back to quality of life issues?

    I can tell you that both my mom and myself after yesterday were done in and both looked at each other and said this is a lot to put her though in 2 weeks and then 1 month and then 3 months and then 6 months?

    Of course those our if all goes well?

    I would like some honest feedback before I start anything about peoples experiences on this process of monitoring to get right doses and did you honestly feel your pet still had quality of life on this drug too?

    Thank you ahead of time! <3

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    I have merged your new post with test results into the original thread. We like to keep all posts about each pup in one thread. That way it is easier to keep track of history for both members and you.

    Sorry I haven't replied to you very much. Posts with repeated single sentences are hard for me to read - it hurts my old eyes to try.
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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    I am new here too but I wanted to say I am also struggling with what to do - in some moments I want to fly off to see a specialist and do surgery and in other moments, I want to stop everything. My dog Teddy has an adrenal tumor. He started Vetoryl in July and I think there was some improvement - but from December to January there was a marked decline in his physical appearance. The only sign of actual distress is he has stinky gas and his stomach makes loud gurgly sounds - otherwise he is active and eating. He looks awful - bald patches, large distended belly, stained fur under his eyes and wart like growths in a couple places and calcified spot on his bald tail - but he acts like himself (just famished). I really just want a crystal ball to know that if I opt for surgery he will survive - and since that is not available, I am am posting, reading, asking questions and hoping to find peace from others' wisdom and experiences. Good luck to you - I am following your posts to see how Scully is doing.

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    I so understand what your saying!

    There our times I am saying to myself let me give her whatever time she has here and live as normal as she can without constant tests etc..

    It is so hard to no if I should start Vetoryl and hope it gives her longer life span but fear it will diminish the quality or will she take it and handle it and have extended time and quality.

    I read so many posts of so many side effects and of course the testing but also am smart enough to no doing nothing will result in things ending faster?

    My vet keeps saying that the dose is everything upon whether she has major side effects or just if she is intolerant but she feels that is low percentage rate.

    If she was older and let me say around 10, I doubt I would do anything but natural things to try.
    I struggle that next month she will only be 8 and it makes it harder feeling if I do not try and wonder if she could had handled it and done okay?

    I should no tomorrow for sure and what type she has.

    Wishing Teddy well too!

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    Also I forgot to ask did Teddy have regular follow up blood work at 2 weeks and then 1 month and then 3 month etc?

    Just curious if he did what the tests showed as far as improvements in his levels.

    Also what kind of dose is he on?

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    Teddy was first treated as if it was thyroid - his symptoms of hair loss, excess drinking and peeing continued and he was then diagnosed with cushings after a test.

    I am not very knowledgeable on the tests - I posted all his lab work last night. He weighed 34 lbs and was first put on 10mg Vetoryl once a day. He had ACTH tests at a couple of short intervals then at about 3 months (December). At first he seemed like he was looking a little better - all his ACTH tests were in safe range as far as not Addisons, but I do not know enough to say if his levels improved.

    From December to January his appearance got worse and he was eating random stuff around the house (paper towels, my credit card statement with a new card, my son's school work, a bag of ibuprofen that led to a trip to hospital to force vomiting...) so I got frustrated and started calling other vets asking about treatment, costs etc...the receptionist at one place said she couldn't tell me about treatment until they determined what type of cushings he had - I didn't even know that was a thing - and that's when I asked my vet and got upset when she had no idea and I had to request an ultrasound and he has an adrenal tumor.

    Sorry going through his whole history again - but long story short - new vet, just upped his Vetoryl - no side effects except maybe indigestion (passing gas). He is still playing, eating, etc.

    The NCSU vet just called and I was thinking about your post and asked about side effects and maybe not having him on anything at all and she was pretty adamant that he needed to be on something and even talked about upping his does to 30 (15mg 2x/day) and she did not feel side effects with Vetoryl were a concern, just suggested I cook him chicken and rice to comfort his tummy. I asked her about natural remedies and she was skeptical - she was familiar with milk thistle but said it would not help his cushings.

    He is having another ACTH test on Thursday but he has no signs of Addisons and is still symptomatic so I am not expecting surprise. I do not know if any of that is helpful to know.

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    Thank you for your input and asking questions to your new doctor as well.

    I am still waiting on test results and my doc missed me last night and left voice mail around 7:00 pm and said to call today and I did but she is with patients.

    So hopefully soon will get complete results.

    Good luck with Teddy on Thursday and your new doctor and new protocol!

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    Default Re: Update on Testing and previous tests

    Really need input and got test results.

    Test shows :
    first level at 8:00 am was 5.4

    second test at noon was .6

    third test at 4:00 pm was 3

    She felt is it very early stage and Pituitary type.

    Now here is where I am not sure what choice to make?

    I was offered two ways to go.

    Her first way was starting 30 mg of Vetoryl and Scully weighs 67 pounds but knows both history of larger sizes needing smaller doses and Scully is very sensitive to everything as well.

    Waiting 1 week and if she is tolerating it okay then at 2 weeks do regular blood chemistry only as she said electrolytes tell a great deal and up the dose to twice per day and shoot for a total of 45mg for the day by dividing the dose?

    Then in one month do stem test and see where the cortisol level is and go from there?

    I am not happy with that plan off top, I am totally fine with 30 mg to see how she would tolerate it but feel that reading protocol and it saying that no dose should really change until 1 month as it can still be dropping?

    Also why I hate all of the testing, Would worry that not doing stem at 2 weeks is only a estimated guess on how it is really doing?

    Option 2 was to do nothing and wait 6 months and retest?

    She said that with time and this condition that she will get worse of course but if we did not do it now, To go ahead with liver support and monitor her at home.

    The other concern was her mystery spells?

    Still not 100% that she is not having arrhythmias and the vet said if we wait and watch her for the 6 months in case there is a heart related something and might require a different direction?

    She said she felt she does have Cushings but early and her recommendation was option 1.

    I feel by watching her symptoms and her cholesterol and livers up that she does have it but also worry about a heart issue?

    The cardio said that while she did great on those echo and ekg and blood pressure tests, That it still did not mean she is having episodes of arrhythmias?

    I asked if we started Veteroly and if it is early, Do we delay onset and give her more quality and quantity of life and she said yes.

    Thoughts please????

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    Default Help with test result readings

    Was trying to find a resource on here for the values and what normal and abnormal is on the diagnosis test for Cushings.

    Mine came in at first one 5.4

    Second one .6

    Third one 3

    Thank you!

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