I have a 7 year old Pit mix.
I started noticing excessive water drinking and urinating and increased appetite.
Then one evening after walking her she had a funky collapse?
Did not no if it was a seizure or fainting spell?
I rushed to my vet on a ER call and another vet was on duty and examined her and thought she was having a spell of A-fib?
I had a appointment made with a cardiologist and had a Echo and EKG and blood pressure testing.
All were normal and cario suggested following up with regular vet for routine blood work and exam.
I did and the vet noticed a pot belly like appearance starting and did blood work and showed elevated liver enzymes and cholesterol levels.
Did urinalysis and had protein in urine but rest was okay.
She suggested possible Cushings and ordered a test for next Monday to go in 3 times for blood drawls to determine 100% if it is that and she feels it is.
I am scared because about almost 20 years ago now, I had a lab/ shepherd mix who was diagnosed with it and the vet gave her to much Lysodren and killed her adrenal gland off.
She kept crashing and we finally had to put her down.
My current vet says the new med Vetrosly is not as dangerous but I am honestly scared to death.
I feel my dog does have it with her symptoms.
I struggle already with the decision of traditional meds versus supplements.
I have researched The University of Tennessee incredible studies with Melatonin and Ligans therapy but no vets close to me understand it.
I am struggling with whether I trust and try and have faith in my vet and go ahead with traditional med or go it alone via research and try Ligans and Melatonin and adding liver support with Sam E and Milk Thistle?
Please feel free to post this when accepted as I really need help!
Thank you!