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Thread: My dog just started having seizures and I'm so worrued

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    Default My dog just started having seizures and I'm so worrued

    Hello, I'm brand new to this forum and hoping someone could give me some guidance or share a similar experience with his/her Cushings dog. My 12 year old Boston Terrier (Bogey) was diagnosed with Cushings about 5 months ago. The vet started him on 30 mg of Vetoryl once a day, but Bogey exhibited zero signs of improvement so I took him in for the ACTH test to see where his levels were at. The results showed the levels had gone down but still above normal range so his dosage of Vetoryl was increased to two 30 mg capsules per day.

    After a month on this dosage, Bogey still was not improving at all. He still drank water all day, peed all over the house, continued gaining weight/appeared bloated, seemed more lethargic and weaker, his panting become more excessive and he just did not seem any better at all. He had another ACTH test and more blood tests and his levels were completely within normal range and his blood work and physical exam indicated no other health issues. The dr told me his cushings is totally under control with the Vetoryl and there is nothing else he could do. He even said Bogey is most likely just an "emotional water drinker". I was so confused and frustrated because I know my dog and I know something is really wrong with him.

    The day after the ACTH test, he had a seizure. It was under ten seconds but he cried a horrible scream that sounded so painful and it was terrifying to watch. I called the vet as soon as they opened and the dr said a small seizure is ok and not to be alarmed. Well since then, he has had the same type of seizure 5 times in 2 weeks. I'm not a doctor, but according to some things researched online, he may have a brain tumor. I cannot afford an MRI and I would not opt for radiation or surgery just to extend his life a few months. I read that the side of effects of Vetoryl can be worse than the cushings itself, so I weaned him off (since he is getting worse not better) and I just started to treat him homeopathically and I'm feeding him a strict raw, high protein diet.

    I adore my baby like he is my child and I can't imagine life without him. Im heartbroken and devastated that he is not getting any better. I cherish every moment I still have with him, but I don't want him to suffer and that's what I'm not sure of. He is now completely deaf, but he still seems happy, he has a great appetite, loves to be cuddled, he still has his eyesight and excellent coordination. I do know though that dogs hide pain. I feel like he still has quality of life and I'm hoping that this new natural regimen will help. Has anyone else had a cushings dog with seizures? Has anyone seen any improvement with natural remedies instead of medication? Can he still have quality of life with these mild seizures or should I be thinking about euthanasia now? I appreciate any input, suggestions or thoughts and thank you for taking the time to help me.

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    Default Re: My dog just started having seizures and I'm so worrued

    Hello and welcome to you and sweet Bogey! You'll see that I've moved your thread to our main discussion forum -- this forum is the most active on our site, and more of our members are likely to see you and reply to you here.

    I'm so sorry for the problems that have brought you to us, but we will surely do our best to be of help. In order to do that, though, it will help us a lot if you can get copies of the actual test results that diagnosed the Cushing's, as well as these subsequent ACTH monitoring tests and blood panels. If there are any regular lab values at all that are outside of normal range, we'd like to see them. For instance, seizures can be caused by low thyroid levels, so confirming that Bogey's "T4" blood level is truly normal would be good.

    As far as the monitoring ACTH tests, Cushing's dogs who are being treated with Vetoryl often need post-ACTH results that are below the normal range in order to see symptom relief. So it will help us to find out exactly what those levels have been for Bogey. Even though his dose was increased, it's possible that his cortisol level was still not being lowered sufficiently to control the symptoms.

    From the initial Cushing's diagnostics that were done, do you know whether Bogey has a pituitary tumor? Unfortunately, it's indeed possible for pituitary tumors to enlarge and place pressure on other areas of the brain. Dogs with flat faces like Bostons may run a higher risk of this problem due to the shape of their skulls.

    However, there may be a totally different cause for the seizures and having suffered as many as five in two weeks time, I am thinking your vet would be discussing the possibility of anti-convulsant medication. Is your vet aware that there have been this many more seizures? There are now a number of different meds that can be tried. I had a nonCush Lab who was treated successfully for six years with phenobarbital, for instance, after suffering from grand mal seizures of unknown origin. And there are several newer drug options, as well.

    OK, I'm gonna stop for now. But once again, welcome! And I'll be anxious to read whatever additional background info you can tell us, alongside the actual numbers from those test results.


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    Default Re: My dog just started having seizures and I'm so worrued

    Hi Bosley's mom and welcome, Marianne's comments are well taken and without more information we would all be engaging in wild speculation. I have a couple of more questions. Did the deafness come on suddenly in the past couple of weeks? Are you seeing other nuerological symptoms, besides the seizures, e.g., staring, circling, refusal to walk, etc.? Looking forward to learning more about sweet Bosley and I'm sorry that you two needed to come here.

    Skippy's Mom

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    Default Re: My dog just started having seizures and I'm so worrued

    Hello. I just want to say hi and welcome to the forum.

    Marianne and Carole have got you started off with some really good questions and I look forward to hearing your answers to those.

    The questions help us to give you the best feedback we can.
    Sharlene and the late great diva - Molly muffin (always missed and never forgotten)

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