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Thread: My big boy Gable

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    I always think it is harder when you are trying to treat two things at the same time, as you are with Gable. Now as the others mentioned the actual results weren't terrible it is the drop between the few months that is more of concern. As you of course don't want him to go lower, but my suspicion would be an interaction of what his thyroid is doing and what his adrenal glands are doing. Obviously he is producing cortisol, as his post was 3.5 and that wasn't bad at all, and only a drop of about 1.0 from what 4. something to 3.5 Some vets disregard the pre, but in this case, it makes sense to see the specialist and there might need to be an adjustment between the two medications.
    It doesn't really sound like a cortisol cushing issue with the throwing up (due to the test results not supporting a cortisol crash) but something else, and that something else, eating or drinking something might have caused him to feel sick and not want to eat and throw up. Just a thought of course.

    How is he doing now? physically? eating? drinking? sick at all?
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    He's not throwing up at all, no diarrhea, and except for the drinking and panting, seems fine. Of course he's peeing more because of the drinking, but no accidents in the house. He's not shedding anymore and his fur came back in beautifully and has stayed that way. He's put on about 10 pounds since we took him off the Vetoryl at the first drop, put him back on 10mg once a day for a few weeks, and now taken him off it again.

    I am wondering if that lump in his neck has anything to do with all of this, since it seems to have gotten bigger. I'll let Dr. Kimmel advise. Dr. Plunkett seems relieved to have handed him over to her. I doubt he wants to deal with me and another crisis. I was throwing questions at him at top speed when he called last week with these latest results and he couldn't wait to get off the phone...

    May 9 seems such a long way off!
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