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Thread: Vet changed dosage

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    I recently had my Schnauzer retested. The Vet said his numbers were low so she wanted to change the dose of 30 mg Vetoryl down to 10mg. I travel so stocked up on his meds. Anne
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    Hi Anne,

    Welcome to you and your boy! As you can see I've edited your post regarding the sale of unused Vetoryl, unfortunately, in the U.S. it is illegal to sell or transfer prescription medication between individuals.

    It may be possible for you to locate a compounding pharmacy in your community that would be willing to "repackage" your current 30 mg. capsules into smaller mg capsules for your own dog's use.

    Aside from your left-over Vetoryl, we would love to learn more about your boy, so anything that you would care to share with us about his diagnosis and treatment would be great!

    Hugs, Lori

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