Hello my Angel Peg. I can barely believe it, but five years have now passed since we last hugged and kissed you. It was five years ago today that we set you free.

It was on a Monday that we had to say goodbye. On the day before, though, I remember the four of us out in your backyard. Daddy and I were so worried about you, but you still managed to get out the door and we all sat together for a while on your soft green grass. Daddy and I are just now back inside after giving Luna a Sunday bath out there. She isn’t able to make it upstairs into the tub anymore, so we were waiting for a sunny warm day in order to bathe her in the yard. Today was the day, and I couldn’t help thinking about you and remembering you with us on that other sunny June morning.

Sadly for us, Luna’s hind end is growing ever weaker, just like your’s did. For the moment, though, she’s still managing OK. But do be ready for her, Sweetheart, when her time comes. I know that you and Barkis and Grandmother will be right there when she’s ready. That’s the one thing that gives me peace at the times when we see her struggling. You always took such good care of your little sister. You would have been such a wonderful momma dog if you’d ever had puppies of your own. I know you’ll always be there for Lunie when she needs you.

I love you, Sweetheart. My beautiful shiny black dog. Forever and always in my heart.