For all of our members who have benefited from information and support at K9C throughout the years, we are asking you to please "pay it forward" and extend that same help to the newbies who are arriving here. We staffmembers do our very best to attend to everyone's needs quickly and thoroughly. However, we are an all-volunteer organization and every member has something unique to contribute, even if it is just to post a quick "Hello! We're so glad you've found us." You don't have to know all the answers, or even any answers. But if you remember how frightened and worried you were when you first arrived, just seeing a welcoming reply went a long way towards letting you know you were no longer alone, and that help was on the way.

Also, for you more senior folks, you have a great deal of knowledge and experience to share. You may not consider yourself to be an expert, but you don't have to be. You and your dogs are veterans and have learned a lot from your experience. Please be willing to share that experience with others. It will mean a great deal to the newbie, and it will mean a great deal to us staffers, as well.

This is the beginning of a brand new year. Please help us start it off with a bang by passing on some of the support and caring that you, yourself, have received. We K9C staff will be most grateful, as will all the new ones who come to us with their fear and their worry. Just a few words can make an enormous difference!

Thank you so much!
The k9cushings Staff